The Waste Not, Want Not Adage Needs Reviving

When I was looking through some magazines for anyone selling anything even remotely like edwardia blouses, I was struck by the sheer diversity of the current goods on offer.  There is certainly a ressurgence in the demand of such clothes although of course no one wants to spend anywhere near the same ratio of housekeeping on their clothes.  Todays fashions are literally of the throw awa kind  You can go to one particularly huge store where the stuff is brought in by the lorry load, pay less than a tenner for a skirt or blouse, and when you get fed up of it, take it to the charity shop or hand it on.  If we had to make our own gear still, much more loe, care and appreciation would be applied to each purchase of fabric, accessories, ribbons, lace etc.  Nothing left – after all, waste not, want not began in all areas of the house.