There’s More To A Crafting Tale Than Spinning A Yarn

Those heady hazy days of school holidays are over and the serious business of things to make during the winter on this year’s project come to the fore.

With many crafting and hobby programmes available online and on tv, there is a fantastic abundance of materials and talent out there.  A quick glance through a ‘local crafting groups in this area’ leaflet the other day shows there is now a ressurgance of interest in sewing, dressmaking, quilting, knitting, crochet etc and details of lessons in groups appear throughout the listings.  With group activity comes added bonus of company and a good chin-wag whilst knowledge is being absorbed and shared.   With all this revitalised activity, good quality sewing machine, knitting machines, yarns, fabrics etc. are always sought.  Some of the very best choices are found when browsing dedicated sites.  A fantastic array of yarn and fabric colours alone fills one with such enthusiasm!