Pride Overload Whenever Nan Knitted A Jumper

One of the more joyful aspects of winter evenings  . . . . was the chance to catch up on home crafts and particularly knitting and crochet projects.  My grandmother was an absolutely fabulous knitter – her stocking stitch was envied by many a fellow knitter and I felt an immense pride whenever I had a new cardi knitted by her – and that included just about all my school ones.  There is something really satisfying about picking up the wool, or yarn if not 100% wool.  It is tactile and a warm glow goe through me whenever I get out the knitting bag with all the needles, stich and row counters, measuring tapes, blocking pins and of course, the yarn!  I hold a small library of knitting patterns too now, as a family friend kindly cuts out every one from her friends’ magazine and I get to store them all away for the winter pleasure of a knitting night by the fire!