Poppy Production Stepped Up For November

In recent weeks I have been much inspired to rekindle my love of knitting.  A relative has given me a verbal poke in the ribs and shown me how her knitting skills have increased tenfold since finding several really good crafters on the well known online video viewig platform.  There isn’t anything out there now that cannot be found on this medium.  I suscribe to a couple – it’s amazing to see how fluently they describe and illustrate a technique that has to date completely baffled me and yet seeing someone do the exact operation makes it to achievable.  I’m currently helping the fund raising teac at a local country house to produce thousands of knitted red poppies to emulate the stunningly effect ceramic poppy display from the Tower of London.   We need to step on it – nees to be finished by end of September to enable the finishers to craft them into their finished positions in the local church.