New Year Enthusiasm For Home Makes & Crafts

Ah where do the weeks go?  It seems no time at all since the long hot summer holidays were just slipping away to allow the autumn term to begin, with the excitement of the Christmas period – all those presents and garments to be made.  A very special time of year for all, but particularly for the home-makes enthusiasts.  There is something truly magical about getting to the fabric departments, looking through all the favourite designs and selecting this year’s theme.   The patterns are inevitably the same year in year out, but because they have that gorgeous festive feel about them, they never dull.

Well now that the new year has arrived, a similar thrill can be making its way down the collective crafter spines – Easter and summer holidays approach.  Lots of new items can be made in the relative calm of the early months.  Time also to get our sewing or knitting machines serviced for another busy making year.