Ladies Who Lunch Also Knit, Crochet & Sew

I recently hosted a ladies’ lunch that included a very enthusasitic knitter – and examples of her latest successess were shown around and admired.  I was especially taken with a very pretty fine lacy shawl which I correctly assumed had taken her ages to complete but was possibly the most cherished out of the collection.

This brought conversations to hobbies and how we relax in our ‘down time’.  I was heartily refreshed to note that every one of us had some form of crafting as their major relaxation.  There are many fantastic craft outlets now and it is easy to get a bit carried away when you see the unbelievable choice in fabrics, patterns and yarns to pick from.  To implement some budget control, sourcing from one outlet in one hit can often be the answer, having a fixed idea of what you’re seeking and trying not to deviate . . . . .  almost impossible, but always a good idea!