Knitting Mastered In Family Tradition

I come from a long line of knitters – unbeknown to me, each side of my family seemed to sit contentedly clicking away in a corner somewhere – churning out ganseys, cardigans, socks, gloves – grim prospect for me, I so hated the feeling of knitted gloves on my finger tips, it’s now a phobia.  I can manage any other kind of knitting garment, no problem.    Well I would probably baulk at the prospect of a knitted vest or swimming costume these days.

Other family members happily sit doing patchwork, quilting, scrapbooking etc.  I have never been one for making my own greetings cards.   I have never got into dress making either – that is a great regret – I could so easily have made a gorgeous Coco Chanel inspired wardrobe for myself!  So the knitting is a craft I achieved very early and I love browsing online for patterns, accessories and yarns – so much stuff, not enough years !