Happy Memories Of Childhood Knitting Sprees

To my certain knowledge my beloved mother in law has never been a knitter.  She owned a bag of assorted needles and accessories but I don’t recall her ever using them.    I on the other hand did do loads of knitting from a young girl. When I had her grandaughter, my knitting output included riotously colourful baby jackets and jaunty sweaters for me. Ma in law is now 95 and suffers with dementia, so when she suddenly asked me where her knitting bag was, I was a bit stunned!

It transpires on tv she saw a woman very like me wearing a beautiful knitted shawl and it brought her memory back to happy days when I used to show her my latest output.   These days I am slower and my colour palette more refined, but I’m so glad that something I did brought happy memories flooding back, however brief that moment!