Gifted With Sewing Skills Gained Prestige

Watching the sewing programme on tv has inspired me to at least look out my machine – last time I saw itm it was hiding in the back of the wardrobe in one of the back bedrooms.  Not exactly forlorn but seriously under appreciated.  I have to say that I have never been big in the world of sewing although I did have a very good example set to me by my maternal grandmother.  She used to make all our clothes when my family were young ‘nippers’. We had frocks and undies made, in the summer particularly this was always the case.  Three identical dresses or ensembles.  Nan not only sewed beautifully, having been trained to do so when in service as a young house maid, as she made her way up the ranks of the household staff.   Being nifty with a sewing machine, one that she actually owned, gave her some prestige and she valued that all her life.