Get Relaxing With New Crafting Skills

Ah Christmas and new year are well and truly out of the way now.  We’ve had the rush of excitement with the presents.  The family has all dispersed back to their various homes, universities etc. At last we can now settle in to the year and decide how best to make the most of our leisure time.   It is tempting to think that we don’t have time for hobbies or crafts.  Busy Mums and Aunties – always at work or travelling to and from there, find it easy to dismiss the joy and relaxation to be had from a craft hobby.

There is a great number of new tv channels dedicated to these skills and some new ones caught my eye recently – specifically on machine sewing and good old fashioned knitting.  Ah, I can almost smell a faint whiff of sewing machine lubricant and newly bought patterns aplenty being carefull unfolded for inspection!