Excitement Surrounding A Pre-Loved Skirt

There is one particular skirt in a well known clothing range that has been at the top of someone’s ‘must try to find’ list for some time.  It may not suit everybody, but it is a classic style of skirt, A-line, just on the knee, not too short and not dowdy.  This particular little number has a standard background but is enhanced by circles of varioius colours.  It is stunning and every time it’s worn, the compliments flow.

The only problem with buying through vintage or second hand outlets, is that the colours may not be on trend for the accessorising.  As has been found, trying to match new tops with any of the circles has been a trial.  This is where the fantastic choice in craft and habidashery outlets has come into it’s own !  The problem has been solved with 2 exactly matching shades of knitting and crochet yarn and the owner is blissfully content once again.