Dolly Heaven With Ma & Pa’s Knitting Skills

I have a mother who is now very sadly over taken by dementia – it is the cruellest of diseases and I wouldn’t wish it upon even my worst enemy.  The loss of  skills was sadly brought more to our attention this Christmas than ever before – I was wearing a jumper she’d knitted years ago but she couldn’t recognise me or it.  It did remind me though of a good tale.  I’m one of several sisters and  of one christmas – we’ll never know if by design or accident, but one Christmas there were 15 dolls arrived in our house together with several home made carry cots for them.  Over the years, mum managed to secretly make hundreds of doll garments and dolly sized bedding sets for us with her trusty knitting skills.   Remnants from other bigger projects were carefully stored for these jobs.  Dad was able to knit too – socks mostly, a skill learnt in the navy.