Dolly Escapades With Shoe Box Cradles

When my sisters and i were very small our father was in the services.  We moved about wherever he was posted and got used to quick pack ups and being on move alert all of our lives for the first few years.  This meant we could only keep a few very treasured toys at any one time.  I suspect the rest were quietly disposed of when we weren’t looking.  Some of the best stuff kept were the dolls.  Dad used to be quite a mean knitter – years of knitting his own socks came in to play here.  He also started knitting our baby doll clothes for us and the blankets.  One year we had 5 dolls each fior Christmas  – quite a feat, and obvious that the major aunties never spoke to each other about what they were buying we 3 little maids.Mum and Dad excelled themseles by making carry cots for the dolls out of shoe boxes!