Colour Matching Skirt Renews A Hobby

Ah the joy of finding the right colour yarn to match a fantastic charity shop buy . . . . .   it is of course a very good job that thre are knitters and crochet genies out tere – the choice of jumper and cardigan colours in the high street is always strictly limited to what the buyers thought we would want 2 or 3 seasons ago!   Where are the grass green or apple greens to match my wonderful skirt, I demand.  In the end, I decided to look out the array of craft shops that have sprung up in my area.

The help and advice from the store keepers has been wonderful, although I have to admit the choice of products is by the very nature somewhat limited too – but they are always willing to get stuff in.  I do find myself browsing the many wonderful online sites dedicated to sourcing all wonderful crafting products – it’s blissfully relaxing and inspiring!