A New Baby Resurrects Forgotten Knitting Skills

There is a new baby due within the extended family of this particular household just after the new Year.  The mother of the expectant mum is beside herself with joy at the prospect of the first grandchild arriving – at last, as far as she is concerned.  We already know that the parents themselves did request to be told whether it is a boy or girl and, disappointed as I was that they did that, much satisfaction was felt that all things pink seems to be the reply.

I will be great aunt to this little being and in that massively important role, I have been browsing a selection of wonderful knitting, sewing and craft sites and was staggered at the vast array of products all waiting for me to press ‘buy now’.  The colours of the yarns and choice of materials was incredible.  I haven’t veen ventured to fabrics and cottons yet.  That joy is to come.