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The Benefits of Choosing Stretchy Jersey

When you are choosing a fabric for your next project, you'll likely be thinking of the properties that fabric needs to have. If you are planning to make a tshirt or a pencil skirt, perhaps you might like to use the amazingly stretchy jersey knit fabric? This would make a great option for any clothing which needs to be able to stretch, or for well fitting cushion covers for example. We particularly like stretchy jersey knit fabrics because they can be quite forgiving to wear - not so much for sewing with though!

Dressing Up Your Bay Windows

When it comes to getting the right look for your bay windows, you have a choice between curtains, blinds or both. These curtains for bay windows can help you to get the right fit for the perfect finish. There are a range of colours, fabrics and brands which can create stunning looks for your bay windows.

Excitement Surrounding A Pre-Loved Skirt


There is one particular skirt in a well known clothing range that has been at the top of someone’s ‘must try to find’ list for some time.  It may not suit everybody, but it is a classic style of skirt, A-line, just on the knee, not too short and not dowdy.  This particular little number has a standard background but is enhanced by circles of varioius colours.  It is stunning and every time it’s worn, the compliments flow.

The only problem with buying through vintage or second hand outlets, is that the colours may not be on trend for the accessorising.  As has been found, trying to match new tops with any of the circles has been a trial.  This is where the fantastic choice in craft and habidashery outlets has come into it’s own !  The problem has been solved with 2 exactly matching shades of knitting and crochet yarn and the owner is blissfully content once again.

Get Relaxing With New Crafting Skills


Ah Christmas and new year are well and truly out of the way now.  We’ve had the rush of excitement with the presents.  The family has all dispersed back to their various homes, universities etc. At last we can now settle in to the year and decide how best to make the most of our leisure time.   It is tempting to think that we don’t have time for hobbies or crafts.  Busy Mums and Aunties – always at work or travelling to and from there, find it easy to dismiss the joy and relaxation to be had from a craft hobby.

There is a great number of new tv channels dedicated to these skills and some new ones caught my eye recently – specifically on machine sewing and good old fashioned knitting.  Ah, I can almost smell a faint whiff of sewing machine lubricant and newly bought patterns aplenty being carefull unfolded for inspection!

New Year Enthusiasm For Home Makes & Crafts


Ah where do the weeks go?  It seems no time at all since the long hot summer holidays were just slipping away to allow the autumn term to begin, with the excitement of the Christmas period – all those presents and garments to be made.  A very special time of year for all, but particularly for the home-makes enthusiasts.  There is something truly magical about getting to the fabric departments, looking through all the favourite designs and selecting this year’s theme.   The patterns are inevitably the same year in year out, but because they have that gorgeous festive feel about them, they never dull.

Well now that the new year has arrived, a similar thrill can be making its way down the collective crafter spines – Easter and summer holidays approach.  Lots of new items can be made in the relative calm of the early months.  Time also to get our sewing or knitting machines serviced for another busy making year.

A New Baby Resurrects Forgotten Knitting Skills


There is a new baby due within the extended family of this particular household just after the new Year.  The mother of the expectant mum is beside herself with joy at the prospect of the first grandchild arriving – at last, as far as she is concerned.  We already know that the parents themselves did request to be told whether it is a boy or girl and, disappointed as I was that they did that, much satisfaction was felt that all things pink seems to be the reply.

I will be great aunt to this little being and in that massively important role, I have been browsing a selection of wonderful knitting, sewing and craft sites and was staggered at the vast array of products all waiting for me to press ‘buy now’.  The colours of the yarns and choice of materials was incredible.  I haven’t veen ventured to fabrics and cottons yet.  That joy is to come.

There’s More To A Crafting Tale Than Spinning A Yarn


Those heady hazy days of school holidays are over and the serious business of things to make during the winter on this year’s project come to the fore.

With many crafting and hobby programmes available online and on tv, there is a fantastic abundance of materials and talent out there.  A quick glance through a ‘local crafting groups in this area’ leaflet the other day shows there is now a ressurgance of interest in sewing, dressmaking, quilting, knitting, crochet etc and details of lessons in groups appear throughout the listings.  With group activity comes added bonus of company and a good chin-wag whilst knowledge is being absorbed and shared.   With all this revitalised activity, good quality sewing machine, knitting machines, yarns, fabrics etc. are always sought.  Some of the very best choices are found when browsing dedicated sites.  A fantastic array of yarn and fabric colours alone fills one with such enthusiasm!

Time For Getting A New Machine For Hobbies


there’s something really fab about buying a new sewing or knitting machine.  When you work full time and you’re out of the home all day, it’s great to come back home and once the chores of cooking and clearing up are out of the way, getting up to that work room to do your own thing.  The modern machines today are so sophisticated but with the instruction books and instructions online, they are really reasy to use.  There can be no better relaxation than getting a new pattern, reading all the notions and tips and getting that material laid out and pinned out.;

A new machine is perfect for getting this item sewn up – it is always a sense of achievement when the last seam is sewn up and the darts are so beautifully fitted.  The final details are so important.

Old Fashioned Crafting Hobbies Rely On Modern Machinery


So many magazines and books line the store shelves these day, fighting for space with books all about hobbies and wonderfully entertaining pastimes.  These include quilting, dressmaking, knitting and crochet, embroidery . .   the list is truly unending and there are an equiall number of machines to help us to carry out the new hobby.

There are also tv programmes that require and encourage participants to make a fantastically complicated ballgown or baby’s romper suit.  The judges will keep a keen eye on the garment and the paritcipants, and so the technicalities of the challenge are portrayed in minute details on the tv before our very eyes.  One thing is for sure, all these crafters, sewers, knitters etc. need the appropriate machine for the job.  The latest sewing machines are lightweight, they sometimes have additional accessoreis etc., You just need to contact a specialist store for help on buying the right machine for your needs.


How Home-Made Is The New Subject To Attract Envious Glances


When it comes to crafts and hobbies, there can be no doubt that the rise in the number of glossy craft magazines and tv channels geared to all kinds of home crafts, has had a truly magnificient effect on the market.  At one time if you said you were a home sewer, there would be a handful of sympathetic sighs as if feeling sorry for you.  No today.  The boom in all hobbies have outstripped demand for some of the textiles and materials to a massive extent.  Libraries are reporting a huge uptake in books on the subjects of knitting, crochet, gift making for your family and the home.

There has been no stone unturned in the quest for great things in the home making market. With a little skill and some practice it is very possible to make an entire wardrobe of clothes and if really keen you could learn to knit the cardigans and sweaters to complement.

For The Novice Sewing Enthusiast – How To Max That Machine!


What to Look for in a Sewing Machine – It is really a great idea that you want to learn sewing. You can have lots of fun and be creative with sewing. However, to learn and master the basics of sewing it is necessary for you to purchase the sewing machine first. There are certain factors that you need to consider before buying a sewing machine.

Ensure that the sewing machine you are purchasing is of quality brand. Moreover, the machine should be easy to use and it must allow you to enjoy easy sewing experience. Avoid the inferior quality machines as they don’t last longer and will not offer you good sewing experience. Check for the warranty and also check how easy and functional the machine is for you. You are rcommended to check the suitability of the sewing machine. You need to buy machine according to you sewing needs and ensure that it suits your budget and preferences well.

How The Crafter Can Benefit From The Experts OnLine


How to pick the right sewing project for your skills – Sewing is a skill which takes time to learn and become proficient at.  Over time, you will learn new methods and ways of doing things but in order to learn you need to practice.

Firstly, you should think about the amount of time you have to give to a project.  If you are a relative beginner, you may not want to choose an ambitious project that will take many hours to complete, as this may demoralise you and make you feel overwhelmed.  However, if you are more advanced, a more technical piece could provide you with a good challenge.

Next, think about if there are particular things you are good at – if you are great at making pleats, why not try a skirt with pleats all around?  Or if you are good a very neat edging, perhaps a decorative piece of home furnishings would be appropriate.


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