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The Benefits of Choosing Stretchy Jersey

When you are choosing a fabric for your next project, you'll likely be thinking of the properties that fabric needs to have. If you are planning to make a tshirt or a pencil skirt, perhaps you might like to use the amazingly stretchy jersey fabric? This would make a great option for any clothing which needs to be able to stretch, or for well fitting cushion covers for example. We particularly like stretchy jersey knit fabrics because they can be quite forgiving to wear - not so much for sewing with though!

Dressing Up Your Bay Windows

When it comes to getting the right look for your bay windows, you have a choice between curtains, blinds or both. These curtains for bay windows can help you to get the right fit for the perfect finish. There are a range of colours, fabrics and brands which can create stunning looks for your bay windows.

The Waste Not, Want Not Adage Needs Reviving

When I was looking through some magazines for anyone selling anything even remotely like edwardia blouses, I was struck by the sheer diversity of the current goods on offer.  There is certainly a ressurgence in the demand of such clothes although of course no one wants to spend anywhere near the same ratio of housekeeping on their clothes.  Todays fashions are literally of the throw awa kind  You can go to one particularly huge store where the stuff is brought in by the lorry load, pay less than a tenner for a skirt or blouse, and when you get fed up of it, take it to the charity shop or hand it on.  If we had to make our own gear still, much more loe, care and appreciation would be applied to each purchase of fabric, accessories, ribbons, lace etc.  Nothing left – after all, waste not, want not began in all areas of the house.

Poppy Production Stepped Up For November

In recent weeks I have been much inspired to rekindle my love of knitting.  A relative has given me a verbal poke in the ribs and shown me how her knitting skills have increased tenfold since finding several really good crafters on the well known online video viewig platform.  There isn’t anything out there now that cannot be found on this medium.  I suscribe to a couple – it’s amazing to see how fluently they describe and illustrate a technique that has to date completely baffled me and yet seeing someone do the exact operation makes it to achievable.  I’m currently helping the fund raising teac at a local country house to produce thousands of knitted red poppies to emulate the stunningly effect ceramic poppy display from the Tower of London.   We need to step on it – nees to be finished by end of September to enable the finishers to craft them into their finished positions in the local church.

Knit & Natter Encouraged Forgotten Skills

Crafting is one of the greatest ways of using up spasre time – as if there is such a commodity!  I get to the end of a working day and wonder how on earth I managed to get what I did do done . . . .  I’m just not organized enough to be able get the housework and domestic chores finished and get feet up before the late night news comes on.  so I decided the best thing would be to take a course in basic crafts like knitting and crochet.  I joined a local knit and knatter group down at the local wildlife nature reserve visitor centre.  It has  been so enlightening – not ony from the point of view of showing me that I do have talents, but also that I have a really good eye for colour and balance.  This in itself came as a bit of a surprise but all credit accepted!

Pride Overload Whenever Nan Knitted A Jumper

One of the more joyful aspects of winter evenings  . . . . was the chance to catch up on home crafts and particularly knitting and crochet projects.  My grandmother was an absolutely fabulous knitter – her stocking stitch was envied by many a fellow knitter and I felt an immense pride whenever I had a new cardi knitted by her – and that included just about all my school ones.  There is something really satisfying about picking up the wool, or yarn if not 100% wool.  It is tactile and a warm glow goe through me whenever I get out the knitting bag with all the needles, stich and row counters, measuring tapes, blocking pins and of course, the yarn!  I hold a small library of knitting patterns too now, as a family friend kindly cuts out every one from her friends’ magazine and I get to store them all away for the winter pleasure of a knitting night by the fire!

Dolly Escapades With Shoe Box Cradles

When my sisters and i were very small our father was in the services.  We moved about wherever he was posted and got used to quick pack ups and being on move alert all of our lives for the first few years.  This meant we could only keep a few very treasured toys at any one time.  I suspect the rest were quietly disposed of when we weren’t looking.  Some of the best stuff kept were the dolls.  Dad used to be quite a mean knitter – years of knitting his own socks came in to play here.  He also started knitting our baby doll clothes for us and the blankets.  One year we had 5 dolls each fior Christmas  – quite a feat, and obvious that the major aunties never spoke to each other about what they were buying we 3 little maids.Mum and Dad excelled themseles by making carry cots for the dolls out of shoe boxes!

Dolly Heaven With Ma & Pa’s Knitting Skills

I have a mother who is now very sadly over taken by dementia – it is the cruellest of diseases and I wouldn’t wish it upon even my worst enemy.  The loss of  skills was sadly brought more to our attention this Christmas than ever before – I was wearing a jumper she’d knitted years ago but she couldn’t recognise me or it.  It did remind me though of a good tale.  I’m one of several sisters and  of one christmas – we’ll never know if by design or accident, but one Christmas there were 15 dolls arrived in our house together with several home made carry cots for them.  Over the years, mum managed to secretly make hundreds of doll garments and dolly sized bedding sets for us with her trusty knitting skills.   Remnants from other bigger projects were carefully stored for these jobs.  Dad was able to knit too – socks mostly, a skill learnt in the navy.

Gifted With Sewing Skills Gained Prestige

Watching the sewing programme on tv has inspired me to at least look out my machine – last time I saw itm it was hiding in the back of the wardrobe in one of the back bedrooms.  Not exactly forlorn but seriously under appreciated.  I have to say that I have never been big in the world of sewing although I did have a very good example set to me by my maternal grandmother.  She used to make all our clothes when my family were young ‘nippers’. We had frocks and undies made, in the summer particularly this was always the case.  Three identical dresses or ensembles.  Nan not only sewed beautifully, having been trained to do so when in service as a young house maid, as she made her way up the ranks of the household staff.   Being nifty with a sewing machine, one that she actually owned, gave her some prestige and she valued that all her life.

Happy Memories Of Childhood Knitting Sprees

To my certain knowledge my beloved mother in law has never been a knitter.  She owned a bag of assorted needles and accessories but I don’t recall her ever using them.    I on the other hand did do loads of knitting from a young girl. When I had her grandaughter, my knitting output included riotously colourful baby jackets and jaunty sweaters for me. Ma in law is now 95 and suffers with dementia, so when she suddenly asked me where her knitting bag was, I was a bit stunned!

It transpires on tv she saw a woman very like me wearing a beautiful knitted shawl and it brought her memory back to happy days when I used to show her my latest output.   These days I am slower and my colour palette more refined, but I’m so glad that something I did brought happy memories flooding back, however brief that moment!

Knitting Mastered In Family Tradition

I come from a long line of knitters – unbeknown to me, each side of my family seemed to sit contentedly clicking away in a corner somewhere – churning out ganseys, cardigans, socks, gloves – grim prospect for me, I so hated the feeling of knitted gloves on my finger tips, it’s now a phobia.  I can manage any other kind of knitting garment, no problem.    Well I would probably baulk at the prospect of a knitted vest or swimming costume these days.

Other family members happily sit doing patchwork, quilting, scrapbooking etc.  I have never been one for making my own greetings cards.   I have never got into dress making either – that is a great regret – I could so easily have made a gorgeous Coco Chanel inspired wardrobe for myself!  So the knitting is a craft I achieved very early and I love browsing online for patterns, accessories and yarns – so much stuff, not enough years !

Georgeous Hand Dyed Yarn Brings Birthday Delight

One of my daughters has just had a minor significant birthday and much was made of the lovely selection of pressies bestowed upon her.  Amongst the very gratefully received collection of Prosceco, sparkling rose, necklaces, jewelery, handbags etc. etc. was a small hand made carrier bag; it had very pretty ribbons and lace all over it and although of not very high in terms of monetary value, it stole the show and the heart of the said birthday girl.  And that was just the bag – carefully crafted by big sis and containing three skeins of the most gorgeous yarn I’ve ever seen.  This was also a work of art – hand dyed into a fantastically toning and co-ordinated rainbow of colours throughout – so eye catching the birthday girl was hard pressed to put it back in the bag and get back to hard partying – she was itching to get her knitting needles out and get started!

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